"MUSIC has the power to change the world!"

At S9Academy, we truly believe that learning music is essential for all of us, and anyone who have a passion for music, can become a maestro and help to make the world a better place. No matter where someone come from, the opportunity of learning music should be provided to anyone - be it guitar, piano, or music production.

Who we are

Roy, the founder of S9Academy, is composing and producing music for 14 years. He received a distinction in Music Production Grade 8 Exam from Rockschool London. He have worked in many Singles, Short films, jingles and started sharing his music production skills with others since his graduation days, and till now have more than 100 students from all over India and also in US, UK, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh who have enjoyed and valued his teaching style. ​Beside being a Programming and Mixing Engineer, he is an avid performing musician, and played over 100 live shows in Kolkata and Bengal. He wanted to take this initiative one step ahead with S9Academy, and provide a one stop solution for all music teachers and students.

What we do

S9Academy is commited to provide quality music education to everyone from every corner of the world who do not have access to music schools/ teachers or costly gears. Every person who have a knack for music can learn, practice and achieve their dreams. Our courses follows internationally recognized curricullams and it is supplimented with neccessary resources, coupled with best teaching strategies to unleash the true potential of the artist inside you!

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